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The only action-platformer where your fastest form of public transport is getting flushed in a toilet!

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Mongrel is inspired by Conker's Bad Fur Day, The Legend of Zelda and Metroidvania-style games. Mongrel is an action-platformer with metroidvania elements coming for Windows and hopefully Switch! 

  • Fully voiced characters.
  • Vast world with many contrasting regions.
  • Incredibly dynamic main character with a deep expression system. 
  • Countless secrets and weapons.

Finch is a half human, half frog - a mongrel! This gives him mysterious powers. As quick as a hawk and strong as a bear Finch faces danger without fear!  

The world in Mongrel is vast and has huge contrasts. From the troll jungle, the icy cold island where the dead rest to the underworld where all the banished creatures dwell.

With a big cast of characters your journey won't ever feel tame. A big part of your adventure will be about knowing who to trust. 

Mongrel will have many intense boss fights.

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